Fire protection company

Intumescent Fire Protection Coatings

We are Intumescent painting specialists. Our knowledgeable team can carry out Intumescent painting, and spray painting, on commercial and industrial projects of all sizes.

Intumescent painting is done in areas where fire safety is of importance. This can be either in a home, or work environment, public buildings such as an industrial unit or office space. Intumescent paints look just as a normal paint in terms of the finished look, but they are specifically constructed to expand in the presence of heat, and if burnt, they turn into high volume char. This makes them extremely useful as a fire retardant.

MS Decorating Ltd can provide this form of painting to any area where it is felt required or required by law.

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We provide a professional and reliable fire protection coatings service...

  • A long established family business
  • Fully trained and insured staff
  • We employ rigorous quality controls
  • A flexible approach to working hours

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