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Hygienic coatings

With hospital 'super bugs' and pandemic stories frequently dominating the media hygiene standards are a growing concern for the general public. Consequently, clients in the food or medical industries will have a specific requirement for what are known as 'hygiene coatings'. These specialist paints and preparations actively work to combat the spread of micro organisms in the workplace.

MS Decorating have years of experience in working with hygiene coatings for clients from all over the medical and food industries. As an independent firm we can offer the best solution from a variety of suppliers for your specific needs.

When used as part of a regular and efficient cleaning regime specialist hygiene coatings can offer effective and lasting protection from bacterial growth. Examples include:

  • Basic anti-fungicidal coatings - applied directly to surfaces, on top of existing or fresh paintwork, to retard the growth of bacteria
  • Multi high build seamless coatings - which can even incorporate a glass fibre sheet into the system to give a truly seamless non-bacterial supporting coating
  • Silver Ion paints - Silver ion technology is at the forefront of anti-bacterial coatings. Once applied it kills microbes, bacteria, algae, fungi and yeast on contact. Being part of the paint film it is extremely difficult to remove through washing and so represents an extremely hardwearing anti-bacterial solution.

Recent work includes Operating Theatres at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Antrim Area Hospital and Ballyclare High School.


A company that provides a professional and reliable hygienic coatings service...

  • A long established family business
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